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How to get one of my knives

Updated: Mar 1

There are two ways of getting a handmade knife from me. Either a custom order or directly from my knife shop.

I always build in time between my custom orders to make knives that I want to make. This allows my creativity to flow, and not get bogged down in making what others want me to make.

From now on when new knives are listed in my knife shop I will send an email to everyone on my mailing list to let them know that they are available. I will then wait at least 2 hours before advertising them on my Instagram and Facebook pages. This means that anyone signed up to the mailing list will get the first refusal.

So why not head over to my main page, and sign up to my mailing list (You have to scroll down the page a little). I promise to not send out loads of crap, or give your details to the dodgy bloke down the pub!

These are the two knives that were made available this week by the mailing list, and both sold within a day.

Selfe made Knives - TFK Model

My TFK Model in 1.2419 carbon steel with a stabilised walnut handle over vintage burgundy micarta liners.

Selfe made Knives - Talon Model

My Talon model is in AEB-L stainless steel with a green linen micarta handle over grey G10 liners.

However, if you want to have a completely custom knife made. A knife of mine that you have seen but want to choose the steel and handle material, or even a knife you have designed yourself and want to bring to life, just head over to my contacts page and we can talk about having it made.