The Broken Biscuit Carving Knife

Back in 2021, Matt contacted Skot Knight from the Broken Biscuit Repair Shop with the idea of collaborating to make Skot's ultimate carving knife.  This wasn't just to be a tool for carving spoons, but something that could be used to create intricate details, much in the same way that he does with his pool ball skulls.

Skot sketched a design of what 40 years of experience has told him that he needed in a knife, and Matt made it.  In fact, I made two.  These were sent to Skot to test and put through their paces.  Over the next few months we discussed how they were being used, and any changes that were needed.  And what you see is the result of all this testing.  Skot has carved pool balls, lawn bowling balls, deer antlers, hippo teeth, mammoth ivory and many other materials with these knives so we hope that you will be happy with them.

What is the Broken Biscuit Carving Knife

This knife is made from 80crv2 high carbon steel and has a scandi grind for fine carving.  The handle is oval to allow easy rolling in the hand and ensure a comfortable grip for many hours of carving.

The first portion of the spine coming out from the handle has been rounded over to allow a comfortable thumb rest, whilst the front towards the tip is flat leaving sharp edges for scraping.

The knife has a 6.5" overall length with 2" of cutting edge


The knife comes with a Kydex sheath that can easily be slipped into a bag or pocket, or even be set for around the neck carry.  It will also come with a padded presentation case.

Prices start from £180 and I can ship anywhere in the world.

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