I've had 3 knives from Matt now and after months of frequent use, they're still a pleasure to use.


It's always reassuring to buy a handmade item that you know will last decades.


I'll be calling again when the necessity arises, or more probably before a necessity arises!


Many thanks!


Will Tebbutt


Just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying the four knives you've made me so far. The three sizes of the Toucan can just about cover most tasks and carry situations. They are gorgeous to look at and to hold. The tanto you made is also such a beautiful knife; made even more special by being your first tanto! A really lovely interpretation of a tanto design. 

What makes these knives even better to own is the very personalised service you give using high-end materials. The knife buying experience with you was smooth and very well communicated; always helpful and wanting to keep people happy and updated throughout your knife making process; In my case by working with my requests to deliver what I was looking for and exceed my expectations!

Thank you!

- obbedeus 

Matt is hugely skilled and passionate about his process and use of materials.


My knife is a thing of beauty and an absolute joy to use.


I have recommended him and would do so again, to anyone interested in high quality, handmade equipment.


A knife from Matt is an investment and worth every penny.

- Rob Gamble


I first met Matt at knives UK and loved his attention to detail from the off. 

I bought a camp chopper and then started chatting with Matt on his Instagram account.

Weeks followed where I found his passion for knives equal to my own, resulting in the fact that I now own 6 of his blades.

Although all he makes is custom knives I found Matt very open to my ideas and thoughts and the result is that I own a one-off bespoke knife that took many hours of discussion and design changes before we were both happy.

Fit and finish are superb, attention to detail is second to none.

Thinking of buying a Selfe Made Knife? Be careful it won’t be a one-off purchase. Tough as nails and beautiful to boot!

Cheers mate

- Sean