The Bushcrafter

Bushcraft is a term made popular by the likes of Ray Mears, Lofty Wiseman, Lars Falt and Bear Grills.  Most of whom have all had a knife designed for or by them.  The most famous of all being the Woodlore.  This is Ray Mears bushcraft knife, and was brought to life by UK maker Alan Wood.  It is probably the most copied bushcraft knife in the world, with many people making exact replicas of this knife.

My model, The Bushcrafter pays homage to this knife, but has subtle differences mainly in the handle shape based upon my own use of knives for Bushcraft activities and instruction.  For a long time it was the main knife that I made, and sales of these knives tend to ride the waves of the popularity of bushcraft on the television.

From time to time I will have knives available here, but please feel free to contact me to have a truly custom bushcraft knife made to your own specifications by a UK custom knife maker.

Current wait is 10-12 weeks

The Bushcrafter

This knife is highly customisable, and can be built to your own requirements, but can also be made nice and simple whilst still excelling at the tasks it was designed to be used for.

It comes with a scandi (Scandinavian) grind.  A scandi grind is a short flat grind on each side that terminates at the cutting edge.  It does not have a secondary bevel.  This type of grind excels at woodworking and carving as you can use that flat edge to guide your cut.  It is a robust edge and is good for battening through smaller sections of wood, and then being used to make feather sticks.  Pair this with a custom fire steel and you have a ready to go fire lighting kit on your belt.

The standard model comes with an O1 carbon tool steel, however it can also be made in other steels, including AEB-L stainless steel at your request.  The handle materials are only limited by your imagination.  From the standard woods and micarta, to stabilised cholla cactus set in bright resin.  There are bushcrafter knives out there with all different handle materials.  If you have an idea, discuss it with me as chances are I can make it happen.

I can also taper the tang of these knives, which not only allows for an excellent balance of the knife in hand, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

They all come with either a veg tanned leather belt sheath, or a kydex sheath (or both) and a padded presentation case.

Prices start from £230 and I can ship anywhere in the world.

Bushcrafter Knife Front.webp
Bushcrafter Knife Spine.webp
Bushcrafter Knife Back.webp
Bushcrafter Knife in Sheath.webp


  • An overall length of just under 9” and a cutting edge of 4"

  • O1 tool steel blade as standard, but other steels on request

  • Tapered tang offered as an option

  • Various handle options include, but not limited to stabilised woods, G10, Micarta, c-tek and Juma

  • Why not add a fire steel in the same material as your handle choice

  • Leather or kydex belt sheath options